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The Finale! The three teams remaining had made it through terrifying, life-threatening battles, but survived to get to this point. Everyone knows that there can only be one winning team of DOA. The stakes are greater than ever- survive or die!
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 05:53:49 -0700
Four foreigners among victims at Serena hotel in wave of violence in Afghanistan ahead of presidential elections Teenage Taliban gunmen who slipped into a top luxury hotel in Kabul on Thursday night shot and killed two young girls along with seven other civilians in the latest attack in a wave of violence hitting Afghanistan ahead of presidential elections . Six others were injured. Four ...
Wed, 23 Apr 2014 03:35:28 -0700
As soon as she could talk, Sarah Silverman's dad taught her the worst words. Is it any wonder she turned out the way she did? Sarah Silverman is infamous for telling jokes that spark a reaction that's at least as much a gasp as it is a laugh. Some of her best-known gags have included making a music video for her then boyfriend, US talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel , in which she sings angelically about ...
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Bronwen Clune: The value society places on women's age has led us to feel shame about the most human of things - getting old Bronwen Clune