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A favourite of writer Ernest Hemingway, who spent lots of time in La Bodeguita del Medio sipping mojitos during his time in Cuba, the mojito is one of the world’s classic cocktails. The exact origins of the minty Cuban cooler have become hazy over time. Some have traced it back to 1586 and a medicinal drink named after the Elizabethan explorer, Sir Francis Drake. The story goes that he invented ...
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Check out my list of things to do in Lake Oswego.
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Leonid Stadnyk, from Ukraine, had size 27 shoes and hands that were a foot in diameter after a botched brain operation made him a grow a foot every three years.
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10:31 am, August 27, 2014 Kathie Case Some say it is over, others say we have to wait until the middle of September, but the Grand Illumination was last week as was the fair and the fireworks. Those events signal the end of summer. var switchTo5x=false; stLight.options({publisher:'ef8ddb61-e8d9-4053-9694-0dc034050ea1'});
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COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 27, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- For 93 years, grandparents have shared their love for White Castle with the next generation. Now grandparents and their grandchildren can celebrate National Grandparents Day and create new memorable moments while enjoying great deals on...